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Multiscale Model

Melt pool is fitted by a fine mesh. Fluid dynamics is simulated in a small region around the melt pool (~ 1 mm). Heat transfer is simulated in a large domain (~ 1 cm) with adaptive mesh step. Geometry of the powder and melted metal is stored as fine sparse volumetric data in the whole region (~ 1 cm).

powder bed deposition DEM knife spreading

Powder Deposition

Simulation of multi-layer samples is possible with the integrated powder deposition solver

electron beam track melting substrate melt pool


Rendering of informative images in the course of modelling.

Melt pool keyholing pores fluid simulaiton LBM laser track cross section

Pores formation

High performance enables high mesh resolution. Small pores (~3 mkm) are resolved in geometry. Gas pressure in pores is reproduced.

Free surface lattice boltzmann ray tracing laser melting heat deposition

Laser or Electron Beam source

Multiple reflections ray tracing for laser sources. Monte-carlo scattering for electrons in the volume.

vtk melt flow 3D visualization laser melt pool model

Universal Input and Output formats

Universal input (JSON, stl, vdb) and output (vdb, vtk, data and image files) data formats. Output of both raw data (temperature, velocity, geometry) and post-processed data (meltpool size, total absorbed energy, etc.) is possible.


KiSSAMcloud screenshot

Web Interface for KiSSAM Cloud Computing

User friendly graphical simulation setup, post-processing, and diagnostics are available in the web interface.

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