Visualize geometry

In vdb_view

vdb_view is a third-party software, which can be found in the libopenvdb-tools package. You can search for detailed usage online. vdb_view is a command line utility

> vdb_view geometry.vdb

The grid is shown at the start


To see geometry press ‘1’ (toggle tree topology view off) and ‘2’ (toggle surface view on) keys on your keyboard.


Navigate with mouse

In Blender

Download Blender (free software) from the official website.

Version 3.1 and above can be used.

Open Blender graphical interface.

Click Add ‣ Volume ‣ Import OpenVDB, select the geometry.vdb file.


Select the initial cube with left mouse click.

On the panel on the bottom right, select Modifiers tab. Click Add Modifier ‣ Generate ‣ Volume to Mesh


In the Modifier settings, fill in

  • Object : geometry

  • Grid Name : FillingFrac

  • Threshold : 0.5

This will plot the isosurface where FillingFrac\(=0.5\).

The FillingFrac grid is filled with scalar values of \(\varphi\), that is, filling fraction. \(\varphi=1\) in the mesh cells filled with solid or liquid, and \(\varphi=0\) in the empty cells. Some cells are partially filled. The isosurface where \(\varphi=0.5\) is a good approximation of the metal surface.


Navigate Viewport with [Numpad .], Middle Mouse, Middle Mouse + Shift, Middle Mouse + Ctrl.